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When you choose Berlitz, you can expect engaging, up-to-date course materials delivered in a format that's most convenient for you.

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Each course follows the proven-effective Berlitz Method®, which has become the industry standard for effective language learning.

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Berlitz has it's global presence in 70 countries. GSA certified in the US & ISO certified in most of the European countries.

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Our most flexible language training program is custom designed to meet each individual's schedule and unique set of objectives.

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Cultural Consulting Student

My situation was somewhat unique in that I have previously worked in China and am taking an assignment in a small tier 2/3 city in China. (The Consultant) … did a good job rescoping the orientation session to better fit my needs.

Cultural Consulting Student

I have only words of praise for the cultural consultant assigned to me and my husband. The material covered and the topics we discussed were very relevant to our move and how we can best deal with it. The consultant was very warm and understanding, yet also very knowledgeable and professional. I left today’s meeting feeling encouraged and empowered.

Cultural Consulting Student

(The Consultant) … was fantastic – he added valuable experience & real-life examples to the underlying facts & figures of the program. Ultimately, he began to bridge the cultural gap, by making you more comfortable with your outside surroundings.

Julie Nelson – Atherton, CA

I studied French many years ago in High School. I loved it passionately, and always wanted to pick up my studies again, but 4 children and life kind of got in the way. When my daughter, who is a French major in college, decided to study abroad in Paris, I decided it was time for me to pick up my dusty old dream and take French. Now, I have a great feeling of accomplishment, as well as a new and clearer vision of a culture and language that has enriched my life immeasurably. I love Berlitz, and I love my French. Thanks to Berlitz for bringing such a gift into my life.

Jack Levin, Arbitrator and meditator

The Berlitz Instructors have a lot of depth as people, in addition to their teaching ability. They engage me in a way that is extremely effective.