A Tradition of excellence

The Berlitz language schools

Since its founding in 1878, the Berlitz language school has progressed from
teaching travelers and private individuals to also teaching businessmen and
women who need to improve their language skills. The eventual release of
his total immersion method further boosted the prominence of Berlitz's school.

Over the years, the school has maintained its image and continuously
helps individuals, travelers and employees achieve their language goals
quickly and efficiently.

The Berlitz language schools


The history of Berlitz

Maximilian Berlitz grew up in Germany's Black Forest region in a family of
teachers and mathematicians before immigrating to the United States in 1870.
After gaining experience as a private tutor, Berlitz decided to join the
Warner Polytechnic College in Providence, Rhode Island, as a professor of
French and German. However, Berlitz quickly realized that the college was not
as impressive as its name, and in no time this entrepreneur was the owner,
dean, head teacher and only faculty member.

Unable to handle the workload on his own, Berlitz began searching for a
competent assistant to help him with his French courses. His search led him to
a young Frenchman named Joly. But as fate would have it, by the time Joly
arrived, Berlitz was overworked, stressed, and severely ill. What's more,
Berlitz's illness was not the only complication upon Joly's arrival.

The birth of the Berlitz Method®

To Berlitz’s chagrin, he discovered that Joly could not speak English. Since his illness rendered him incapable of finding another solution, Berlitz instructed Joly to explain objects using gestures and acting. When Berlitz aroused from his sickbed six weeks later he expected to find chaos in the classroom. Instead, he was met with students carrying on conversations in elegant French, much further along than they would have been under his tutelage. Berlitz made a wise decision and adopted the “emergency solution” as a permanent course of action, the Berlitz Method®


Berlitz Method®

Immersed from the very beginning

At the heart of all language training with Berlitz instructors lies the Berlitz Method®, a delightfully effective method designed to immerse you in your target language from day one. From the very onset you spend a significant amount of time speaking the language you are learning, helping you quickly gain confidence in your ability to communicate. Moreover, the Berlitz Method® takes into account your personal goals, ensuring a customized learning experience that is second to none.

Immersion in the language

Immersing you in your new language and the corresponding culture enables you to quickly acclimate to your new language.

Tailor-made course content

Instructors choose your course content based on your personal goals and background, ensuring language skills that are practical in your daily and professional life.

High percentage of speaking time

The vast majority of your time with your Berlitz trainer is spent speaking your target language, increasing the rate at which you absorb the language and reducing inhibitions.

Targeted learning

Berlitz trainers find a suitable balance between improving your fluency and developing your accuracy of expression.

Intuitive grammar

Instead of focusing on grammar worksheets, Berlitz trainers instill an intuitive sense of your target language's grammar through speaking.

Appropriate learning

Berlitz trainers use the tools that correspond to the way that you learn best, significantly boosting your ability to improve upon your language skills.

About Berlitz India

Why India?

India is at the forefront of the most rapidly developing industrial sectors in today's global economy, making it an ideal place to earn a world-class education and take the first step on a successful career pathway.

Berlitz India helps individuals and businesses, government and non-profit organizations develop the language, cross-cultural and global leadership skills necessary for success. Berlitz has a rich history and innovative approach to instruction, multiple platform delivery options and many other advantages-plus millions of satisfied clients around the world.



Online Programs

Berlitz Online Learning means using different media to reach the learner: Internet, telephone, e-mail, videos, mobile phone applications, podcasts, social networks, and more. Berlitz Online Learning goes beyond all of this. Our Synchronized Blend automatically monitors the trainee's progress in order to present the right media at the right time.

The learner receives a daily lesson via e-mail, jumps into a virtual classroom, and works on customized online exercises with CyberTeachers (or) Berlitz Virtual Classrooms at any time of the day. A private native teacher allows the trainee to practice what he has learned over the phone.

Berlitz quality management

The Berlitz instructors for languages and global leadership trainings

Having made your way through the school system as a child, you know firsthand that a great teacher is crucial to any subject matter. Berlitz takes the selection of its trainers seriously, ensuring they have the knowledge and capability to effectively and quickly teach you what you need to know to take your language skills to the next level. Of course, using high-quality materials in language classes is also of the utmost importance, and Berlitz works to provide its trainers with only the best materials designed with you in mind.



The Berlitz course material uses a variety of speech and language activities to broaden your skills

Course materials are some of the most essential components of any rewarding language class. Berlitz has a range of speech and language activities designed to foster language learning while having fun. The success of these course materials lies in Berlitz’s dedication to updating its materials to keep them modern and relevant to your everyday life and the world of business. Berlitz language material comes in audio and video format, and Berlitz also has a wide selection of online speech and language activities. You can easily combine any of the materials, giving you the flexibility you need to stay interested and expand your language skills.

Liked by students and teachers

This selection of materials that you can use on your own combined with the excellent teaching method and in-course materials used by Berlitz instructors pave the way to your linguistic success. Contact a Berlitz language center and get all the information you need to come a step closer to achieving your goals!